The Africa Cyber Fest is a youth-focused cybersecurity conference that gathers young talents in Africa to foster knowledge sharing and capacity building, aiming to strengthen the resilience of Africa’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Africa is becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats as the continent adopts digital transformation processes. Attacks range from simple email scams to large-scale theft of customer data using malware, ransom attacks, and disinformation or fake news. These can have wide-ranging effects, including financial losses, reputational damage, and disruption of business and government operations.

This is a high-profile event that would attract individuals and corporate organizations from the industry, academia, and government organizations on a large scale, featuring a series of expert sessions, workshops, networking, hacking, and ideas proliferation around the latest happenings within the cybersecurity landscape.

Our activities are anchored in our passionate pursuit of better and safer development and usage of digital technology for the African people. We are seeking to shape the future of cybersecurity through progressive and inspiring conversations.



Youth-Focused Approach to Tackling Cybercrime

In recent years, Africa has witnessed a rapid proliferation of digital technologies, with a 44% internet penetration. There is no doubt that technology is evolving; however, this benefit comes with the rise of sophisticated cyber threats, turning Cybercrime into a multi-billion dollar industry. It has become imperative to tackle the dynamic challenges of the evolving digital landscape and to protect digital trust in today’s world. In a recent report by Interpol, they recognized that fighting cybercrime is a collective effort.

Cybersecurity has risen to become a global concern as threats are now taken more seriously. Cybercrime is shifting towards emerging economies, and unsurprisingly, many African countries are considered to be both sources and victims of significant cyber threats.

There is huge potential in the African continent regarding technology, especially due to its young population: about 60% of Africa’s population in 2020 was under 25 years old. This figure indicates an encouraging factor when talents are channeled towards the right domains. Given the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals and an untapped pool of young talent that needs development, there is an opportunity to address youth unemployment while diverting them away from cybercrime. The future of cybersecurity in Africa relies on the skills of the youth.

This edition of the Africa Cyber Fest will highlight the importance of empowering young talents in the fight against cybercrime with the necessary knowledge and skills, which are crucial in promoting sustainable digital trust. It recommends that policymakers, civil society organizations, and the private sector support and scale up similar youth-focused initiatives.


  1. To bring together leading experts, industry professionals, and aspiring cybersecurity enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences.
  2. To create a platform for networking and building relationships within the African cybersecurity community.
  3. To demonstrate the practical application of cybersecurity tools in real-world scenarios.
  4. To discuss the latest in security research and development and its implications in African cyberspace.
  5. To Inspire participants to continue their professional development in the field of cybersecurity, and to promote a culture of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Target Audience

– Cybersecurity professionals and experts.

– Government officials and policymakers

– Academia and research institutions

– Businesses and industry leaders

– Students and young professionals interested in cybersecurity



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Africa CyberFest 2024 is a two-day youth-focused cybersecurity conference that gathers young talents in Africa to foster knowledge sharing and capacity building, aiming to strengthen the resilience of Africa’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Africa CyberFest will hold on the 17th and 18th of May at The Zone Conference Centre, Plot 9, Gbagada- Oworonshoki expressway, Lagos State,Nigeria.

It is advisable that you register and purchase your tickets before the day of the event for easy access to the conference.

No, you don’t have to put on an African attire. Make sure your chosen outfit matches the purpose of the event.

No, but nearby hotel recommendations will be provided for out- of- town attendees.

Yes, kindly reach out to us through email or contact 08035692006, 08067017054

Yes it will be streamed online.

Yes, there’s a discount available for large groups and community members. Check out the ticket section to see which category applies.

Expert Sessions, Capture the Flag Competition, Career Workshops, Hacking Demo Station and Exhibition, and Side Attraction.

No, there won’t be transportation. Directions from possible locations to the event will be provided to aid mobilisation.

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