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Why Sponsor Us?

The Africa Cyber Fest is a youth-focused cybersecurity conference that gathers young talents in Africa to foster knowledge sharing and capacity building, aiming to strengthen the resilience of Africa’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Africa is becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats as the continent adopts digital transformation processes. Attacks range from simple email scams to large-scale theft of customer data using malware, ransom attacks, and disinformation or fake news. These can have wide-ranging effects, including financial losses, reputational damage, and disruption of business and government operations.

This is a high-profile event that would attract individuals and corporate organizations from the industry, academia, and government organizations on a large scale, featuring a series of expert sessions, workshops, networking, hacking, and ideas proliferation around the latest happenings within the cybersecurity landscape.

Our activities are anchored in our passionate pursuit of better and safer development and usage of digital technology for the African people. We are seeking to shape the future of cybersecurity through progressive and inspiring conversations.


Brand Visibility and Exposure

Gain prominent visibility among a targeted audience of cybersecurity professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts. Your brand will be featured in conference materials, promotional content, and across various channels, providing extensive exposure within the cybersecurity community.


Corporate Responsibility

Potential customers, employees, and investors often consider an organization’s philosophy on corporate responsibility when making decisions. By sponsoring The Africa Cyber Fest Initiative, sponsors confirm their alignment with our core mission of securing the digital future for all.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry leaders, potential clients, and key decision-makers. Sponsorship grants access to exclusive networking events, fostering relationships that can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.


Thought Leadership

Showcase your organization’s expertise and thought leadership in the cybersecurity space. Sponsorship allows you to participate in panel discussions, workshops, or deliver keynote speeches, positioning your brand as a leading authority in the industry.


Brand Association

Associate your brand with innovation and progress in cybersecurity. By sponsoring Africa Cyber Fest, your organization demonstrates a commitment to advancing digital security and staying at the forefront of technological developments.



Benefit from targeted marketing efforts directed at a niche audience interested in cybersecurity. This focused approach ensures that your message reaches the right professionals, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.



Showcase your organization as an employer of choice within the cybersecurity sector. Use the sponsorship platform to attract top talent and engage with potential candidates who are passionate about cybersecurity.


Product & Service Showcase

Exhibit your products or services in the conference’s Innovation Hub. This hands-on exposure allows attendees to experience firsthand what your organisation has to offer, leading to potential partnerships or client engagements.


Community Engagement

Demonstrate your commitment to the cybersecurity community by supporting educational initiatives, workshops, and collaborative forums. Position your brand as a contributor to the growth and development of cybersecurity in Africa.


Brand Recognition beyond the event

Extend the impact of your sponsorship beyond the conference dates. As a sponsor, your brand will continue to be recognized through post-event coverage, social media mentions, and ongoing promotional activities.


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